Applied Global Cogeneration (AGC) is dedicated to the design manufacture and installation of highly efficient, environmentally sensitive cogeneration systems in the 1.5MW to 20MW range with 20,000 to 200,000 lb./hr of steam, targeted to industrial and large commercial users.

Cogeneration is defined as " the simultaneous production of electrical and thermal energy from a single fuel source." By optimizing the use of fossil fuels, cogeneration efficiencies can exceed 80% while reducing harmful green house gas and ozone depleting emissions. Companies and countries must maximize their energy efficiency while protecting the environment to become or remain world class producers in today's globally competitive environment.

Realizing that many energy users do not have access to the technology of cogeneration due to the complexity and cost of site-specific engineering, AGC has developed standardized, factory-built and 100% operationally tested cogeneration packages ready for immediate delivery and available for a wide range of applications.

In 1993, AGC built a 112,000 sq.ft. manufacturing and test facility to build it's innovative products. AGC has numerous installations in the US, Canada, Mexico, and India, and is currently developing projects throughout the world.










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