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As the world's natural resources are diminished, the cost of energy will become a larger and larger part of the operating cost for business. Energy shortages in many parts of the world are already causing supply problems, dramatic cost increases and power outages. These events wreak havoc for business operations as well as the bottom line.

To stay competitive, many business operators are taking control of their own destiny by reaching out to AGC to help them develop an in-house energy solution. When efficiency improvements, plant availability and predictable energy costs are taken into consideration, the rate of returns available from an AGC product installation can be highly attractive.

AGC's standardized, factory built and full load tested products offer the best solution for most cogeneration and power supply projects under 20 MW. We test the entire system, not just the individual components. When your plant arrives, you can be sure that AGC's state-of-the-art fully integrated control system will be ready for the task. furthermore, AGC can deliver and commission an energy system months and sometimes years quicker than our competition. Why wait for a solution when you can have it sooner?

In addition to our solid product line and broad range of project related services, we may also be able to provide your company with an innovative financing program which can provide immediate savings and near term payback periods for a relatively modest investment. Our highly trained staff is ready to assist you in evaluating your energy needs or requirements and will help you determine whether an AGC product installation should be given serious consideration. Why not put our expertise to work for you?

Please call or e-mail one of our sales personnel today to discover how AGC can help improve your company's bottom line.

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