Based on the power section of AGC's innovative and reliable MCU, the PGU offers a greater range of flexibility and application. The modular, factory built and tested unit still offers the high quality of a factory assembled system, while allowing custom designed heat recovery for cogeneration applications or simple cycle exhaust for standby or emergency power.

The PGU family includes three unit sizes:

PGU 15 (1.5 MW)
PGU 30 (3.0 MW)

The PGU 15 and PGU 30 are based on Kawasaki's M1A-13A gas turbine.  Kawasaki has over 3,700 turbine installations throughout the world.

The PGU series also offers a convincing number of advantages over reciprocating engines including: ¼th the weight, 1/7th the size, ½ the maintenance cost, lower noise, higher reliability, greater fuel flexibility, and less than one half the total machine parts for maintenance and parts storage. Most importantly, the PGU series produces cleaner exhaust emissions compared to reciprocating engines operating on No. 2 fuel oil. Natural gas operating emissions are even lower and may be reduced further with an optional water injection system that also boosts power output and lowers fuel consumption.

The PGU product line is flexible, reliable, and offers a myriad of configurations for cogeneration, Standby and emergency power for industrial, commercial, and institutional industries.


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