AGC is your full service energy solution provider. In addition to our outstanding product line, we can offer your company complete engineering and project management services, an array of the auxiliary equipment, plus creative project financing options. We stand ready to assist you in developing the right project for your application.


AGC has chosen to specialize in the development of small cogeneration projects. Our focus has enabled us to become experts in this field. We know what it takes to create a successful project using our patented technology.

Our expertise in the field of cogeneration can be yours for the asking. AGC has an excellent staff of engineers and designers that are at your disposal. In addition to assisting you in optimizing and developing your application, we can provide your company with a complete engineering package which will enable a qualified contractor to construct your new energy facility.

Project Management

When we receive your order, a seasoned project manager will be assigned to your job to ensure that everything goes according to plan. He will coordinate the execution of AGC's scope of work and will stay in close communication with your project team so that the project stays on track. The project manager will be involved with your project from order receipt through commissioning.

Auxiliary Equipment

In addition to our standard products, AGC can design and deliver all of the auxiliary equipment required to optimize and complete your new energy plant, Including:

Transformers                         Deaerators                              Steam Turbine Systems

Switchgear                            Gas Compressors                  Measurement Systems

Motor Control Centers       Water Treatment Systems     Liquid Fuel Systems

Chiller Systems                    Boiler Feed Pumps                Black Start Generators

Custom HRSGs                     Process Control Systems     Blowdown Systems


Your company may be fully capable of managing the design and construction of a cogeneration project. The features of AGC's product line makes this task simpler than it has ever been before. However, many of our clients have opted to fully utilize our experience and expertise by contracting with AGC to design, procure and construct their cogeneration plant. In this arrangement, AGC will take on the task of providing all of the resources required to construct and commission a fully functional energy plant at your location.

Financing Options

AGC's financing department is customer-focused and will assist each customer to meet his particular financial needs. AGC is not tied or linked to any one financial institution. And, AGC does not own its own finance company. Rather, AGC will seek the best financing option available in the market to best service our customers. To this purpose, AGC has established relationships with domestic and international banks, US leasing companies, and international export agencies.

Financing will depend upon each project and each customer's creditworthiness. AGC's finance staff will assist customers in seeking the most optimum financing package to suit each customer's particular needs.

Product Support

AGC Product Support services help the user to maximize the utilization of his cogeneration plant. This improves the revenue stream from the plant in terms of energy savings and production plant reliability.

These Product Support services include installation and commissioning assistance, operations and maintenance support, turbine inspections and overhauls, spare parts and training. On-site maintenance support is provided by either factory-based AGC employee technicians or In-country affiliate (ICA) technicians that have been factory-trained.

AGC has appointed ICAs throughout the world to support our products. Each ICA is thoroughly trained at AGC's factory on the installation, operation and maintenance of AGC's product line.

All AGC's clients are invited to attend the comprehensive training center located at the Broken Arrow, Oklahoma plant.  The AGC training center offers the customer's personnel the ability to train on-line without plant outage risks.

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