As a development and manufacturing company in the power industry, Applied Global Cogeneration (AGC), needed a way to provide potential customers with viable, long term energy solutions in a fraction of the time of its competitors. With this goal in mind, AGC's designers developed the concept of a complete mobile, standardized, factory-tested cogeneration system. This conceptual design later became known as the Mobile Cogeneration Unit (MCU).

Providing up to 3,000 kW of electricity and 30,000 lbs/hr of saturated or superheated process steam, the MCU has proven the extraordinary benefits of being able to deliver and install a quality power plant in only a few months. The MCU offers the flexibility and reliability of site built plants, but requires minimal site design and development. Also, since the MCU is "built for inventory," it enables AGC to ship the equipment almost immediately. This means a fully tested and commissioned cogeneration facility in operation between 8 and 12 months before the competition, which significantly improves the cash flow of the project.

Although the MCU is a standardized product, it has been designed with the flexibility to add site-specific options such as:

           Steam injection for the gas turbines for NOx control and power augmentation
           50 or 60 Hz applications

         Dual-fuel capability

This flexibility means that the MCU can be operated virtually anywhere around the globe.

With many of these units already in operation around the world, energy users are realizing the benefits of using equipment with the reliability, quality and performance predictability of the MCU as a hedge against unpredictable energy supplies and ever increasing electricity costs.

All of the AGC products are controlled with the industry leading GE CIMPLICITY control system. This graphical operator interface also allows an optional remote monitoring and controls system through conventional modern technology.


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